Who We are

Hoover’s Hatchery is a chicken hatchery that has been hatching America’s best chicks since 1944. We pride ourselves in standing behind our birds, putting our customers first, and being the best and the most competitive priced hatchery in the industry. Our chickens are a direct representation of the care and diligence we use when maintaining our parent flocks. Connecting with our customers is our passion, its our mission to make this world a little smaller and our connection with you a little more personal.

This blog is for our customers, and friends in the backyard poultry industry to engage and learn more about raising chickens. Our success and longevity in the industry is a direct reflection of our experience and knowledge. We hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet, and we hope you walk away a little more connected.

Never ordered from us? No problem, check out the Hoover’s Hatchery retail site where you can see a full list of all the birds we offer.

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