Stuffing is one of the most traditional side dishes that graces the Thanksgiving spread. There are so many different stuffing recipes out there its hard to go wrong with it. This Apple Cranberry Stuffing from the Gingered Whisk is just…

A Few of our Favorite Things!

Introducing, the Hoover's Hatchery approved top 10 Christmas gift items for your favorite chicken lover (or yourself)! We love these products so much we cant just keep them to ourselves, and we think your chicken enthusiast will love these too!…

Composting For Newbies

Every day millions of Americans toss valuable natural resources into the trash or stuff them down the garbage disposal. Then, they trek to the store to buy fertilizer for their vegetables, flowers, or lawn. How silly when composting is an…

Rain Barrels Yield Free Water

Everyone loves getting something free. Setting up a rain barrel lets homeowners harvest free water that nature drops on the roof. Millions of families harvest vegetables from the backyard garden and many bring delicious fresh eggs into the kitchen, gifts…

Chicken First Aid

Preventing Accidents and Illness Preparing for Health Problems Anyone tending backyard chickens is the guardian of their birds’ health. Like all animals, chickens can suffer from disease and accidents. Managing birds for robust health and being ready to perform first…

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