Chicken First Aid

Preventing Accidents and Illness Preparing for Health Problems Anyone tending backyard chickens is the guardian of their birds’ health. Like all animals, chickens can suffer from disease and accidents. Managing birds for robust health and being ready to perform first…

July Photo Contest Winners!

This year, we had so many entries for our July photo contest that we couldn't pick just the top three. So we made categories and picked the top photo in each category. The categories are: Adult Birds, Chicks, and Kids…

Children and the Backyard Flock

A century ago most people grew up in small towns or on farms where they frolicked in creeks, climbed trees, watched wild animals and helped with chores. Back then kids cared for livestock, weeded gardens, and picked and preserved vegetables.…

Neighbors Neighbors Neighbors

A century ago most Americans lived on farms or in small towns. That’s changed. Today’s people either live in suburban neighborhoods or big cities and are far removed from cattle, hogs, and chickens that produce their animal based food. That…

Chickens and Their Personalities

Most chick catalogs and websites reveal general characteristics of chicken breeds.  For example, Leghorns and most other white egg breeds are described as being flighty and noisy.  In contrast most heavy breeds, like Australorps and Wyandottes, are claimed to be…

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