20 Homestead Activities For Your Family

January 15, 2016

We look forward to what Connie of Urban Overalls has to share. Connie is a native Iowan who now resides in Colorado and she is paving the way for homesteaders everywhere. To stay up to date with Connie and her homesteading, connect with Urban Overalls on Facebook.

Homesteading with Urban Overalls

People around the country are returning to their roots.  They are becoming modern homesteaders and joining the legion of others who want to cook meals from scratch, garden organically, raise backyard chickens, and learn the art of preserving.  But much as we are returning to our roots, what about the next generation?  Are we encouraging our children to become homesteaders or sharing with them the very delights we are experiencing?

Regarding if you began homesteading last month or have been at it for years, the key is to share the experience with your children.  Get them involved and share tasks so they have a better understanding of what you do on a daily or weekly basis.   You just be the inspiration for the next generation of modern/urban homesteaders.

To get your children engaged, think about their age.  What they are capable of?  What have they shown interest in?  Do they have the manual dexterity for certain tasks?  Have they asked to help?

20 Homestead Skills to Share with Young Children

  1. Hang laundry to dry (can hang clothes on a drying rack if clothes line is too high for them to reach).
  2. Feed small animals such as rabbits, chickens, and ducks.
  3. Gather eggs from the nest boxes (if you have a lot of chickens, allow them to make multiple trips to the coop).
  4. Take them seed shopping or show them the catalogs and read the descriptions to them (buy some items they are interested in).
  5. Bring in kindling for the fireplace.
  6. Add material to nest boxes.
  7. Give them a small garden bed (or planters or containers) to help tend during the garden season.
  8. Purchase child-sized tools and show them how to properly use the tools (many nurseries or online garden stores now offer small tools for children, such as hoes, rakes, and watering cans).
  9. Teach them when various fruits and vegetables are ripe and when to harvest (allow them to sample as they harvest).
  10. Allow them to help pick the chicks, ducklings, or rabbits that you will raise.

Continue for more…….. Homesteading is a fantastic way to gather your kids and grow together as a family.

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