25 Homesteading Resolutions from Connie of Urban Overalls

January 15, 2016

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After the beginning of the year, resolutions abound.  Lose weight.  Exercise daily.  Eat vegetables.  Carpool daily.  Try harder.  Be better.  Move faster.  It is exhausting, right?  And for the record, just how long do those newly minted resolutions last?  Do they live to see the Ides of March?  Perhaps they get the chance to revel in President’s Day weekend before fizzling?  End of the month?  End of the week?  Or are they scraped before the ink has dried on the paper?

This year, I am trying something new.  Rather than burden myself with a laundry list of personal resolutions that end up choking me with guilt, I am turning the resolutions towards another endeavor… my homestead.

What better benefactor of my good intentions than the homestead?  In my mind, resolutions is just another word for goals.  And goals my friends, are attainable. 


25 New Year Homestead Resolutions

  1. Order seed in a timely fashion – before my preferred varieties are out of stock
  2. Organize my seed inventory – a spreadsheet is a wonderful way to keep track of such things
  3. Start seeds when appropriate – for example, tomatoes are best started at the end of February for my zone
  4. Apply compost to the garden BEFORE planting




                                                    tomato bed



5.  Get straw bales from local feed store in March- so they can be used to mulch the garden beds
6.  Set out the “walls of water” in March- this allows an early start on warm season crops such as peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes.
7. Plant oldest seed first.








8. Price out and purchase metal tubing for low tunnels.
9. Send oldest hens to “freezer camp” by March.

Continue here to find out what other resolutions you need to be working on to make this your best year ever on your Hometead!


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