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November 7, 2017

Introducing, the Hoover’s Hatchery approved top 10 Christmas gift items for your favorite chicken lover (or yourself)! We love these products so much we cant just keep them to ourselves, and we think your chicken enthusiast will love these too!

Click on each picture to see more details and purchase!

          1. One of the best heated chicken waterers on the market! The water reservoir is removable and the cap at the bottom is even spill proof, the top is dome shaped to prevent roosting. It even has a water filter ring so you can easily remove debris from the trough area. It really is the most convenient waterer on the market!

        2. Who doesn’t love a cute chicken tote!? Take this to your next book club meeting, to the market, or even keep it in your car for when you need an extra bag. The splash painting on this canvas tote is unique and beautiful.

        3. The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre! For your homesteading enthusiast, this book packs a bunch of facts, designs and even recipes!

        4. Kids Egg Collecting Apron -Perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite little egg collector! 

        5. Chicken Coop Decor -A cute little sign is just what your chickens need this Christmas season.  A nicely decorated coop means a cozy home and makes chicken chores even more fun!

      6. Hoover’s Hatchery Stocking Cap $8 & Tees $10 -FREE shipping ALWAYS!

      7. Egg Counter Top Basket -The perfect addition for any counter top space to keep your farm fresh eggs in!
      8. Hen Hand Towels -These cute and colorful hand towels will add fun to any kitchen space. Pair it with a cute chicken spoon rest and you have a wonderful gift for that chicken loving friend!
      9. Chicken Swing -Did you know Santa delivers to good chickens too? Give them a winter boredom buster with this fun chicken swing!
      10. For that hard to buy person, why not get them a Hoover’s gift card!? Chicks are the gift that keep on giving! Email sales@hoovershatchery.com to buy your gift card and we will apply to a customers account. Gift cards can be in any amount.
       We love chickens, but we love our customers even more. We hope you love this list and have sparked ideas for that favorite chicken enthusiast of yours! From our coop to yours, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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