A Frittata Recipe And Nutrient Information From Minnesota’s Gobble Gal

January 15, 2016

Lara of My Other Exciting Self offers a fun recipe- check it out! We appreciate Lara’s contributions to What’s Hatching and look forward to her posts.

Lara: Minnesota's Gobble Gal

Eggs. Simply. (And a Muffin Frittata Recipe!)

Confession: I’m not terribly good at making New Year’s resolutions. For the past several months, however, I’ve been on a bit of a mission to make sure I’m feeding my family a variety of foods and cooking more from scratch with fresh ingredients whenever possible. (Honestly, I think I blame this partly on Pinterest. I’ve got all these recipes pineed and I decided I really should start trying these out. And you know what? It’s mostly fun!)

I’ll be the first to admit that this can be challenging, however, especially during the week when everyone arrives home after school and work starving and asking, “what’s for dinner?” All while my energy level is depleting, rapidly.

My quest is to eat more fresh and healthy foods- and to find food beyond boxed macaroni and cheese and frozen chicken tenders that my son will like. I have nothing against these products- I just don’t want Joe to ONLY eat these foods. Which he would gladly, if I let him. Have I mentioned he’s a picky eater? As in PICKY EATER.

We haven’t had to many break through moments yet, but we’ve been exercising more regularly as a family together (Joe can run nearly two miles with me!) and talking to Joe about the importance of eating a variety of healthy foods. So far, he doesn’t love much of anything new I’m putting on the table, but he is trying and these new things with only an occasional gag reflex- feigned or otherwise- and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

One of my go- to’s when it comes to a real, fresh food that is packed with protein and nutriends is pretty simple: eggs. If you read my blog regularly, then you probably know I like to bake and use tons of eggs that way. But an egg by itself is pretty awesome too- all- natural and one of the highest quality proteins of any food available.

                                                           Muffin Frittata Ingredients

And because you know – continue here for a a fantastic muffin frittata recipe!

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