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Kauai’s Wild Chickens

Visitors to Hawaii’s island of Kauai are surprised and often delighted to spot chickens nearly everywhere. Kauai's wild chickens lead strings of chicks across shopping center parking lots. Rooster crowing seems to come from every direction, and often cars must…

Giving Your Chickens A Good Night’s Sleep

Both people and chickens appreciate a good night’s sleep.  As warm months approach odds are better that humans will be more comfortable after dark than their chickens.   After all, people live in well-ventilated houses with screened windows to exclude pesky…

Demystifying Chicken Feed

When it comes to food, chickens are just like people. Both need a nutritious well-balanced diet to be both healthy and productive.  That’s a simple concept but visit a feed store and a customer confronts a dizzying array of feed…

Managing A Chicken Run

A joy of keeping a backyard chicken run is watching hens frolic outdoors. Spending time in the fresh air gives birds a chance to sunbathe, dust their feathers, flap their wings, run, and enjoy dining on tasty green shoots and…

Enjoying Chicken Behavior

One of the joys of keeping a backyard flock of hens is learning that most people are wrong about chickens. Ask most folks what they think of chickens and they’re likely respond that they are simple minded, smelly creatures useful…

Choosing Chickens For Their Traits

In many ways chickens are like people.  Both species come in a dazzling array of sizes, body shapes and colors. On top of easily seen features are less visible traits. Chickens, like people, are individuals. They have personalities. Watch a…

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