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How Daylight Affects Egg-Laying

Chickens are farm superstars.  They produce eggs almost daily.  Some chickens have even been known to lay multiple eggs per day.  They don’t require much food in order to produce those eggs, either.  One thing that many chicken owners quickly…

How to Join FFA and 4-H

As a former agriculture teacher, FFA and 4-H hold a special place in my heart, so I’m excited to share with you how you can join both of these amazing organizations.  FFA and 4-H are agricultural organizations that offer so…

Bringing New Birds into an Established Flock

It’s always exciting to get new chickens.  Your existing flock may not be as thrilled as you are for your new arrivals however.  Introducing new birds into an existing flock should be done with care to make sure that all…

Do you need more than one chicken?

Raising chickens is a rewarding and exciting experience.  It’s easy to think of chickens as pets, especially if you interact with them frequently.  Chickens are social creatures and can form a real relationship with you.  It’s not uncommon for chickens…

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