Nurture Your Birds with an Expanded Line of NatureServe Flock Feeds

Nurture your flock from chickens to ducks and turkeys/gamebirds with NatureServe® feed that contains the same essential oils that we feed our birds at Hoover’s Hatchery™.  NatureServe is the preferred feed brand of Hoover’s Hatchery™ and we encourage carrying on…

EGG-cellent Ideas For Hands-On Learning Activities

By: Shannon Latham, Enchanted Acres Spring in Iowa is synonymous with chicks, bunnies, lambs, baby goats, daffodils and tulips. This year it also brought an early spring dusting of snow at Enchanted Acres. A set of twin kids was born right…

Caring For Baby Chickens

You've ordered new chickens and you have questions on how to take care of them. Here are tips to help you take care of your baby chicks. Baby chicks need WATER, FEED, HEAT, (a draft shield is essential), LIGHT, VENTILATION, AND…

A Full Day of Homesteading

We always look forward to what Connie of Urban Overalls has to share! If you are an avid homesteader, a wanna be homesteader, she's got the scoop for you! Homesteading is an adventure.  It can provide a sense of fulfillment…

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