Backyard Farming 2013: Amanda of Adventures of Mommyhood Shares Her Chicken Adventures

January 15, 2016

Our journey begins today with Amanda!  Follow along and leave us a comment or two of how your experience compares.

We’ve been working with Tony of Hoover’s Hatchery for months now, waiting and waiting and waiting for nice weather to welcome some day-old chicks to our blossoming backyard farm. We had an insanely long winter that held on until mid-May.

Chicks from Hoover's Hatchery

Hoover’s Hatchery is truly the wholesome operation you think of when you hear “family-owned and operated.” Tony has been super friendly and really flexible, answering my questions at all times of the day and taking time out to coordinate logistics. They can also be found online–they have a GREAT website for learning and for ordering and Hoover’s Hatchery is also on Facebook!

We are going to start our little “laying operation” with 25 day-old chicks + the 6 that we couldn’t resist when we went in to look at the chicks. They are about two weeks old, while the chicks we got from Hoover’s (pick up at local distributor) are only a week old. Hoover’s Hatchery has a great selection of layers, meat birds, and other fowl like guineas and turkeys!

Now this is our first foray into the adventure of raising CHICKS so we started out how many folks start out, and that was by picking up our little fluffy feathered friends at the local L&M Supply store. You see, Hoover’s is out of Iowa, but they supply many distribution locations around the Midwest.

It’s a time honored tradition to …………….. Read More Here – Backyard Farming 2013~ The New Arrivals from Hoover’s Hatchery

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