Chicken Coops Are Fun

May 5, 2013

We are proud to bring you The Farmhouse Coop from Farmhouse 38. We know you will be inspired from this fun farmhouse in the city. This coop is like many of yours, fun and providing lots of eggs.

Baby Chicks

Yes, we agree, the cuteness lasts about a week. Yet, in the grand scheme of things, it all pays off.

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What are some things that you consider when designing your chicken coop? You should make sure to offer enough space for your chicks? Make sure you have 1/2 square foot per bird at one day old to 1 square foot per bird from 6 to 12 weeks. Allow 1/2 square foot for broilers. For your baby chicks, be sure to provide two, one gallon water fountains and 100″ of feeder space per 100 chicks.

How’s this for your chicken coop? Are you inspired? We hope so!

Free Range Chicken Coop

It’s often easy to get caught up in the fun process of creating a fun coop, but it’s of the utmost importance that your chicks have enough room to grow and flourish.

Have you ordered your chicks this Spring? If you haven’t be sure to order your catalog today. You can opt to receive our catalog electronically or through the regular mail. We want you to be successful in raising your chickens.

chicken coops are fun

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