Chicken Dinner Has Arrived At Enchanted Acres

January 15, 2016

We thank Shannon Latham of Enchanted Acres for her contributions to What’s Hatching. She has inspired us and raised some nice looking birds. Shannon shares the progress and a Fall recipe for all of you to enjoy!

Today’s the day! It’s hard to believe it’s already been 8 weeks since we took delivery of our newly hatched chicks from Hoover’s Hatchery in Rudd. All one has to do is look at the photo from Day 1 until now to see these babies have grown up fast. They’ve become strong legged, heavy breasted meat birds, which means you can enjoy locally raised chicken – fresh from your freezer – all winter long!

chickens enchanted acres

Ready-to-make chicken available for purchase this weekend at Enchanted Acres. Stop by The Market, anytime between 9 AM Thursday and 6 PM Sunday, to get yours. Since supplies are limited, it’s a good idea to shop early!

Why buy locally raised chickens?


 Since I’m feeding this same meat to my own family, I’ve taken the best care possible of these chickens.

There’s no comparison between the taste of a tomato that was either picked from your own garden or purchased from a farmers’ market verses a tomato that was packed before it was vine-ripened and shipped a great distance to your local grocery store. The same holds true for meat! You can expect locally raised meat to be more flavorful.

Plus, you can feel good about supporting small businesses right here in North Iowa. We purchased our chicks from a family-owned company in Rudd. We purchased the feed and bedding from a nearby family-owned feed business. Now the meat is being processed at a state-inspected facility, which is also family owned, in my hometown of Greene.

Your food dollars are helping support all of these rural Iowa businesses, and these businesses are the backbone of the small Iowa towns that we know and love.

It’s a good feeling knowing that our freezer is filled with nutritious and delicious foods that we will be able to enjoy throughout the long winter months. Below is one of my family’s all-time favorite recipes for Rice Krispies® Oven Baked Chicken. Continue here…..

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