Common Baby Chick Ailments And Natural Treatments From Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily

January 15, 2016

We look forward to what Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily has to offer. She has a wealth of knowledge and shares it in this helpful post on how to handle common chick ailments and treat them naturally.


Buying day-old chicks from a reputable breeder or hatchery will generally result in healthy chicks , but sometimes things still go wrong, and at times one will fall ill. Here’s a quick guide to a few of the most common ailments and how to treat them naturally.


Respiratory Issues

What it is- Chicks, with their elaborate respiratory systems are very susceptible to breathing problems which can manifest themselves as runny or bubbling eyes, coughing or sneezing or runny nostrils. Sometimes the symtoms of a more serious illness, often these symptoms are merely caused by irritants in the brooder.

Prevention- User large-size pine chips as brooder bedding to cut down on dust that sand ( NEVER recommended!) or sawdust might create. Never use bleach to clean your brooder, sinc ammonia (in chicken poop) mixed with bleach creates toxic fumes. (Clean the brooder with white vinegar and water instead well before you start to smell the ammonia). Don’t use cedar shavings which can lead to respiratory problems.

Treatment: Sometimes a squirt of saline solution is all that is needed to clear debris out of a runny eye. For more serious cases fresh minced garlic served free-choice and apple cider vinegar in the water (just a splash) can help. Chopped fresh basil, clover, dill and thyme all aid respiratory health. (Respiratory illness that doesn’t clear up in a week or so or continues to get worse can signal a serious illness and a vet should be consulted).

For more on respiratory ailments read HERE.


What it is- Coccidiosis, a parasitic disease of the intestinal tract that causes red-tinted or bloody stools and lethargy, is the number one cause of death in baby chicks. It is highly infectious.

Prevention: Although medicated feed is the conventional method to protect chicks until they can buid immunity, instead studies are being done using oregano oil and cinnamon as natural antibiotics. Adding both to read more on preventing and treating common chick ailments…..

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