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January 15, 2016


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Many people consider homesteading and prepping to be two different things, when in actual fact they are quite similar. Sure, the focus of each community is distinctly different.

Anyone who runs a homestead will know that they need to prepare for the winter, make sure they have a lot of food in stock in case they’re snowed in, and they also need to provide plenty of food for their family and animals. Preppers are people who are preparing for the worst. In times of uncertainty, in the event of a natural disaster, or a complete breakdown of the economy it’s important to know that you and your family have enough food and water to get by, as well as having the ability to keep yourself safe and well.

Preparing for the worst

Homesteaders prepare for the worst in the same sort of way that preppers do. Although they may not necessarily buy they foods that can be stored for years at a time, they do preserve and start canning foods so that it’s available throughout the year. For example, if you grow a lot of peaches on your land, and you have too many to sell or give away, are you going to throw them in the trash? Absolutely not. In fact you’re going to preserve the peaches so they can be enjoyed later in the year. I used peaches as an example, but you can preserve almost any produce – as you can see from the how-to posts on Homesteading Hippy. Canning, fermenting, preserving and dehydrating are all good methods of preparing food so that it can be eaten at a later date. Check out this guide on pressure canning.

Preppers often buy dried meals in so that they can be eaten at a later date. Although many preppers will not start canning foods, some do, and this makes their activities very similar to homesteaders’.

Some people will disagree with me and tell you that homesteading and prepping are two different things.

Preppers buy in a lot of the goods they want to set to one side, whereas homesteaders tend to harvest their foods before they store it. Homesteaders also tend to make a lot of their own products, such as soap for example, whereas preppers are more than happy to buy it in

Many similarities

The fact of the matter is that the way preppers and homesteaders do things are very similar. It doesn’t matter where you get your products from, or whether you make them yourself, you’re saving food, water and other products so they can be used at a later date.

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