Egg Layers- 2 Month Update

September 11, 2020

Our colorful mix of chicks have made it to be almost 2 months old! 

They have been living in the outdoor chicken tractor permanently, with some supervised freedom. They love scratching around in the tall grass and under the muscadine vines. Like the Rudd Rangers, they see the tractor as their home and never stray too far from it!  

Fully feathered, they are sporting their adult colors, but are only about 1/3 the size of a full grown hen.

The little black chick, who had a white face, white belly, and specks on her face is turning out to be completely black. Two of the brown, partridge colored chicks have a small hat of tufted feathers on their heads (giving away their Legbar lineage). One of the chicks was yellow with orange chipmunk stripes when we received her. She has turned into a striking tan/light grey, heavily patterned beauty. 

Then there is Sunny, my special needs chicken. Still much smaller than the others, she is becoming a blueish dark grey. She still is off balance and stumbles around, but is eating, drinking, and keeping up with the others on their runs across the grass. Her resilience is super impressive!

Still 4 more months to go before we get any eggs, but we are enjoying this batch of chicken eye-candy each and every day!

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    1. What kind of chicken is Sunny? I’m talking about the little black bird on the fence rung. Is that Your Sunny? I have one that looks the same and also is stumbling and off balance. She walks for a bit and then puts her head down on the ground in the standing position. After awhile she will sit down. She eats and drinks – minimally to me and her legs seem fine. I don’t know what is wrong with her, but is definitely not the same as other chickens.

      1. Hi! You know, I am not really sure what type she is. I THINK she is a Praire Bluebell Egger, but definitely was hatched with some deformities. She sounds like your chick- stumbles constantly and moves her head a lot like she is trying to get her balance. Like yours, she eats and drinks fine though. I think we may just have special needs chickens! As long as they are eating, drinking, and seemingly happy, I guess we are both doing the right thing? Thank you!

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