Fall Fun With Chickens At Enchanted Acres

January 15, 2016

We are so excited that Enchanted Acres is showcasing chickens from Hoover’s Hatchery at their Fall events! How cool is that? In case you didn’t know, Enchanted Acres is a super fun place to take your kids this Fall. Follow their Facebook page for the day to day happenings! Enchanted Acres is located right off of I-35 in North Central Iowa, near the Sheffield exit. Fall fun for the whole family, check it out.

Parents often voice words encouragement to their children like, “It’s good to try new things.” Who knew that something so innocent could be turned around?

That’s exactly what happened to me… and it’s the reason why I found myself researching topics like “How to Care for Baby Chicks.” It’s the reason my mom and my sister-in-law found themselves fashioning refrigerator boxes into a makeshift chicken coop after they outgrew the stock tank, and the reason I’ve been revolving my work schedule around feeding our “babies” three times a day for the past 10+ days.

                                                                           Kids with chickens at Enchanted Acres

September 4 is the date I opened Enchanted Acres pumpkin patch for the season. It’s also the day I took delivery of 66 chicks, 60 that will become meat and 6 that will become laying hens. (SIDE BAR: I’ve been accused of being overly ambitious. Bringing home chicks the same day that my on-farm market opened may have been a bit ambitious, I admit. But there was a method to my madness. It takes about 8 weeks to raise broilers. Since my pumpkin patch season is 8-weeks long, I couldn’t afford to delay any longer!)

My 13-year-old daughter was trying to talk me into letting her get out of school early, so she could drive to Hoover’s Hatchery in Rudd where our chicks were hatched. Lucky for her, school was dismissed early that day due to extreme heat. That meant I had lots of helping hands that afternoon! My daughter, my son and one of their classmates were thrilled to help me spread wood shavings in the “coop” and get the chicks safely transferred from the box into the cattle tank. One little chick had an injured foot, and it was literally getting picked on.

Baby chickens

Continue here to see how fast these chickens are growing! The good folks over at Enchanted Acres will have another update next week, and we look forward to sharing their growth with all of you.

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