Guest Post: Tips For Buying Chicks (Amanda of Adventures of Mommyhood)

January 15, 2016

Purchasing chickens can be a stressful time, but the process can be a smooth one when you work with our team of professionals here at Hoover’s Hatchery. We are continually working on ways to better connect with you, our customers. This past year we have taken Social Media by storm and will continue to interact through these channels. And, as always, you can receive our yearly catalog through regular mail or receive one electronically.

Amanda, of Adventures of Mommyhood is having a pleasant experience with her chicks. She has several tips to help the process of buying chickens for the first time a simpler process.

Amanda's Chickens

My TIPS for your first chick-buying trip:

1) Bring your camera. The look of sheer delight on the kiddos faces when they see the baby birds is priceless. Good luck getting them to stand still and look at the camera though!!

2) Do your research. Do you want a meat bird? A dual purpose bird? A docile pet? An egg empire? Do you want green  eggs? Are you willing and able to take the risk of buying “Straight run” birds?

3) Have the new home for your chicks ready!  At the very least, you’ll need a brooder box for the chicks in the first weeks of their new life at your home. Food. Water. The means to give both to the birds. A heat source (usually a lamp) and bedding.

4) Let the experts help. They can tell you things that are invaluable to a beginner! I think that our small percentage    of mortality (between one moth old and three months old) was due to the fact that I did not “medicate” them. They made it  past the “pastey vent” phase and just randomly fell over dead for a spell, before medicating the water. The  experts can………..Continue reading here.

Connect with Amanda through Facebook, and be sure to read her updates on Adventures in Mommyhood.

Thank you Amanda, for your contribution to What’s Hatching?!


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