Happy Mothering Is Raising Chickens For Meat And You Can Too

January 15, 2016

If this is your first time raising chickens, you will want to pay attention! You will see how simple the order process is and how you can have a great experience raising chickens for meat. Chrystal of Happy Mothering shares her experience and we think you will be inspired to order your Red Rangers as soon as possible.

Back in April, we started raising chickens for eggs. They haven’t started laying yet, but I have realized that, overall, chickens are pretty easy to raise. As long as they have clean water, food and access to the outdoors, they’re pretty happy.

So, we decided to take the next step and get more chickens to raise for meat. Hoover’s Hatchery was kind enough to send us 32 of their Red Rangers (a red Broiler) to support this experience.

Red Rangers

According to the Hoover’s Hatchery website,the Red Ranger is bred in the United States. It has a good growth rate and feed conversion, great livablity and a 70% live to dress yield weight. They are supposed to be excellent foragers the are well suited for any environment (important for us since we have snowy winters).

Since we like to allow our chickens to free range, the fact that they are good foragers was a big selling point for me. The more they can forage on their own, the less I have to spend on chicken feed.

If you haven’t heard of Hoover’s Hatchery before, they are a small hatchery based in Iowa. They are a family oriented business, which is also important to me. You can read more about their story here– it’s a good read.

Our chicks were hatchedd on July 31 and shipped prompty to us via USPS. I got a call from the Post Office at 8am on August 2 that they had arrived, and we rushed down to pick them up. To see their growth and their cuteness continues here…...

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