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January 15, 2016

You can find Tiffany on Imperfectly Happy almost anywhere online. Tiffany resides in Arizona and is a homesteading Mom. She is an avid gardener and thrives on providing food for her family. She has had adventures with chickens and is looking forward to having more.

Tiffany prides herself on the fact that she is working on providing for her family. A homeschooling Mom, backyard farmer and more, this lady is having fun! Her HOA frowns on the thought of goats arriving on her property, yet she knows it is a possiblity. Tiffany is working with a whopping 1039 square feet, she does not have access to a large area. She is making the most of her space.

Check out his map with her future plans~ She’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Map Of Yard

Tiffany is living an amazingly perfectly life and living happily! She envisioned a backyard homestead while she would sit on her porch enjoying a sun tea and watching the chickens scamper around. Well, we have to agree, most chickens do not let most homesteaders live a quiet, peaceful life. Chickens are active, fun, and exciting.

Tiffany is having a lot of success with her garden- and remember, she does not have a lot of space. Tiffany is your inspiration to dig in and grow your food! Her Saturday Garden Report will inspire you!

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