Home Produced Eggs: Proper Care

January 15, 2016

Connie, of Urban Overalls, has great advice for you when it comes to producing healthy eggs!

Whether you live in the country or urban settting, raising chickens can be a wonderful experience. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Their personalitis are often larger than life and they can be quite social. In fact, I frequently recommend people to get chickens if they are just starting out with homesteading (or are in areas that allow backyard chickens). Hens are relatively simple to care for, requiring shelter, food, water, and a clean living environment.


In turn, they produce eggs, entertain us with their antics, shallow till soil (if allowed to free-range), consume bugs and grubs, and they provide a natural fertilizer which in turn can be used in gardens. They are truly consumers and producers for the urban or country homestead.

But before you rush out to buy chicks, rememember that proper hygiene must be maintained. This is especially important if you plan to either sell or consume the eggs.

Steps to Ensure Good Hygiene


  • Gather eggs at least twice per day. Most chickens lay eggs in the morning so the irst trip to the coop should be before noon. A second follow-up check should be done by mid-afternoon. By gathering eggs frequently, you will help reduce the likelihood of eggs being broken or becoming dirty by a hen who decies to something else in the next box besides laying an egg.
  • If in doubt, toss it out. Sometimes free-range chickens will find a spot in a garden or pasture to lay their eggs, rather than making a trip back to the chicken house. Continue here………

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We appreciate Connie’s contributions to What’s Hatching and loo forward to her next post!

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