How to Blow Out Easter Eggs

March 26, 2021

Easter Egg Trees were a big deal when I was kid in Germany. All the German families I knew loved heading outside to find the perfect branches for their trees, and then they spent hours blowing out eggs, decorating the eggs, and hanging them from a lovely “tree” they kept as a centerpiece on their table.

Farm fresh eggs are so varied and pretty that I think you don’t have to do any decorating to create a lovey Easter Egg Tree with your fresh eggs as the centerpiece. If you’d like to make your own Easter Egg Tree this year – here’s how.

1. Gather branches. You can forage them outside or buy them from a florist. If you’re looking for the perfect tree branches for an Easter Egg Tree, here are several that I recommend:

  • Pussy Willow
  • Forsythia
  • Cherry blossom
  • Dogwood

Sadly it’s a little early in Iowa to get blooming branches from your yard this year, but I have found pussy willow and forsythia branches at Trader Joes if you can’t find them to forage.

2. Blow out your eggs. First tip – use room temperature eggs! It can be a little tricky to blow out eggs, so here’s how to do it.

  • Place a piece of tape on the ends of the eggs you wish to blow out.
  • Shake up the eggs well to break up the yolk. This may take up to five minutes! You should be able to hear that the egg sounds different when it’s ready to go. If you won’t want to shake them, you can also insert a paper clip to wiggle around and break up the egg.
  • Using a large needle, poke holes through the tape on both sides of the eggs. Mkwe the bottom hole a little bit bigger. Wiggle the needle around a little bit to break up the egg even more.
  • Now blow the eggs out!

3 Once the egg is empty, wash it gently in soapy water and allow to try. Now it’s time to decorate! There are all kinds of ways to decorate eggs:

  • Dye them in kool-aid
  • Dye them with natural items
  • Try your hand at pysanky – Ukrainian Egg Decorating
  • Use a kit or foam stickers
  • You can also grow your own Easter Basket Grass and display them that way! You only need a week to grow your own grass! It’s a great project for kids and a fun way to get them gardening without them even realizing it.

4. There are several options for hanging eggs. You can use pipe cleaners, ribbon, needle and thread. The tricky part is getting thread or ribbons through one end and out the other – use a magnet if you’re having trouble! Tie the egg securely and hand on your branches.

The nice thing about blown eggs is that you can save them from year to year! How fun to have décor from your own chickens – that you can reuse.

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