How To Have a Successful Garden In 2013

March 3, 2013

Many folks in the Southernn part of the United States are just a few days away from planting their gardens. Here in the Northern part of the United States, we are still a few weeks away. We have some very basic tips for you. Hopefully our tips will help you have a successful garden in 2013!

Tip #1: Read the seed packages before you actually plant the seed. Different plants require different amounts of sunlight.

Green Beans                                                                                      IOWA GREEN BEANS

Tip #2: Once your plants begin to sprout. Water your garden religiously- it will pay off in the end.

Tip #3: Our Facebook Fans offered fabulous advice. Build a fence around it so your chickens don’t take it over.

They also suggested that you spend a lot of time tending to your produce. They also suggested compost. Anyone

familiar with composting? Raised flower beds with cages on top was another suggestion. Good advice, you agree?



Tip #4: Label your rows and mounds of plants with what is planted and the date you planted the seeds.

Tip #5: Space the seeds properly in each row. Yes, this may require that you read the package.

Tip #6: Know the depth that each seed should be planted. This may determine if your seed sprouts, or not.



Tip #7: Rotate your tomatoes. Do not plant your tomates in the same spot that you planted them in the season before.

Tip #8: Keep your garden weed free. Yes, this means you may have to use a hoe and/or a rake.

Make your garden fun in 2013. Start planning now. Think about where you will plant your garden and how many plants you want to plant. Spring is an exciting time of year, and it’s extremely exciting when those little seeds that you planted early on in the Spring begin to sprout.

And if you really want to round out your garden, invest in chickens this Spring. Think of the wonderful meals you could create with your homegrown broilers and your garden fresh vegetables. So- plan your garden and start thinking about those tasty meals you can put on your table to feed your family.

We would love to hear your gardening tips and what you plan on growing in your garden this year. Leave us a comment below!

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