Raising Chickens- The Basics With Alicia of The Pork Diaries

January 15, 2016

Alicia is a North Iowa Blogger and she blogs at Fit & Farm. She and her family have raised chickens for quite some time. Alicia and her family live near our hatchery and have purchased birds from Hoover’s Hatchery through the years. Alicia is an agvocate and enjoys all things related to agriculture. We look forward to hearing more from Alicia! Here Alicia shares the experience of raising chickens on her family farm in North Iowa. Be sure to connect with Fit & Farm on Facebook to keep up with the day to day happenings around her family farm.

Raising chickens growing up was just part of our life, it wasn’t until I grew older that I learned to appreciate how wonderful a homegrown chicken tastes right out of the oven. I think this appreciation came from being away from home and missing mom’s baked chicken -and oooohhh that chicken! Yumm! More on that later. Today, we got our first flock of broiler chickens and Miss L has been running around saying, “cheep, cheep!” She loves them!

Raising Chickens The Basics

Raising chickens, especially broilers (which is the chicken bred for its meat) is as simple as raising a garden. Raising chickens is cheap and fun, but the most rewarding part is what you end up with in your freezer! Here are a few things we make from our chickens and why we see it as so rewarding:

1. Homegrown chicken -We make baked chicken, chicken noodle soup, and chicken stock

2. Hands on experiences and learning for your kids!

3. It’s cheap! Broilers cost a little over one dollar when they are a day old, and the best part is you can raise them fairly cheap with the things you have around your house.

So why not raise a few chickens!?

This specific post will introduce you to raising meat birds so you can stock your freezer. Did you know that most cities will allow you to raise a few chickens within city limits? Check with your local city codes, most of them will give you a limit on how many you can raise but any home grown chicken is worth it, trust me!  Continue here………….

If you have raised chickens on your family farm, we’d love to hear about your experience. Leave us a comment or two!

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