Rescue Ducks & Chickens Are Not Always A Good Idea

September 4, 2015

We are excited to introduce you to Michelle of SimplifyLiveLove . Michelle is a homesteading enthusiast that resides with her family in Eastern Iowa. Be sure to connect with Michelle on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram to follow along with life on her Iowa homestead. We look forward to the arrival of Michelle’s new chickens this coming week. Stay tuned, as Michelle will be sharing her Spring 2015 adventures with her new chickens!

Have you ever been approached by someone looking for a home for a chicken or duck? Michelle shares with you, as to why you may want to think twice.

A neighbor came over tonight and said her teen daughter bought 6 chicks and 2 ducks without her permission. They cannot return them, so are looking for a home. They are about 3 weeks old. Not feathered out. Free! Not sure of breed or sex. Are you interested?

I’m such a big sucker, I replied immediately – Yup. You see, my very own oldest daughter has been scheming. She would love to take care of her own flock of birds and sell the eggs. We think this would be a great project for her {I have such a high demand for my own eggs that I cannot keep up} and the thought of 6 free chicks for her to take care of was very appealing. I’ve been dreaming about adding ducks ever since I got my own chicks last year, so I thought 2 cute little ducklings would be perfect. And I’m also a sucker for free. Who am I kidding?


Anyway, Kelli was thrilled and said she and her husband John would be out with the birds on Saturday. I didn’t tell my kids, because I have learned the hard way that often these things go wrong. Better not to over promise! So, Kelli called me on Saturday and said the birds were absolutely NOT as described. They were living in horrible conditions – stuck in a tote in the basement with no access to natural light. Very small living quarters. Very little access to food and water. AND – older, bigger, and way uglier than described and almost completely feathered out. You don’t have to take them, she said. We can call the whole thing off.

Jeeze – how could I say no at that point? I told her to bring them out. We have room. I hate to hear about animals suffering. And I hoped they would still be useful.

Long story short, John and Kelli showed up with the birds and we saw first hand what Kelli meant. The ducks are almost completely grown. The chicks were the absolute ugliest things I’ve ever seen. We put them in the box we used last year when we started our own chicks, Continue here……..

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