Spiced Fruited Bundt Cake/Bread From The Artistic Farmer

July 5, 2013

Jacqueline loves to create things for her home and she loves to recyle and repurpose. She loves to live off of the land and we have to say, she looks to be one fantastic baker! Today she is inspiring us with her Spiced Fruited Bundt Cake/Bread!  Spring time brings a season of fruits and lots of veggies. If your yard is blessed with apple trees, you will want to make note of this recipe, as it looks to be a fabulous apple treat!

Jacqueline shares how to mix, bake, and even serve this fantastic cake/bread! You like a little powdered sugar, here ya go!

Powdered Sugar Bundt Cake/Bread

How many slices would you like? Looks good, huh?

Jacqueline enjoys living off of the land, and is always on the hunt for that perfect recipe! For more inspiration from Jacqueline, follow here on Pinterest and follow her blog, The Artistic Farmer!

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