Chicken Care


Second Coops Are Handy

Newcomers to chicken care pridefully buy or make their first coop.  Some are simple. But,  people who love design and carpentry often create coops that are downright elaborate, unique, and complement the architecture of their own house. Their hens live…

Bringing New Birds into an Established Flock

It’s always exciting to get new chickens.  Your existing flock may not be as thrilled as you are for your new arrivals however.  Introducing new birds into an existing flock should be done with care to make sure that all…

Do you need more than one chicken?

Raising chickens is a rewarding and exciting experience.  It’s easy to think of chickens as pets, especially if you interact with them frequently.  Chickens are social creatures and can form a real relationship with you.  It’s not uncommon for chickens…

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