Chicken Care


Choosing Chickens For Their Traits

In many ways chickens are like people.  Both species come in a dazzling array of sizes, body shapes and colors. On top of easily seen features are less visible traits. Chickens, like people, are individuals. They have personalities. Watch a…

Showing Our Flocks Some Love

Few backyard experiences are as rewarding as bringing newly laid eggs from the coop’s nest box into the kitchen, but well cared for chickens give their owners more than the makings of a delicious breakfast.  Hens readily provide hours of…

Chicken Breed Characteristics That Will Love You Back

Late each winter both novice and experienced chicken owners face a dilemma.  Read the Hoover’s Hatchery catalog or visit our website and every one of a dizzying array of chicken breeds seems perfect. Placing the order is challenging.  It’s tempting…

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