Things Your Non-Homesteading Friends May NOT Understand: Guest Post by Heather of The Homesteading Hippy

February 19, 2016

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The life of a homesteader can be so satisfying.

The gardening, the chickens, the joy of homemade food…it’s all there. However, a non homesteader friend or family member may look at you in wonder as they live their lives quite differently from you. Here are some things your non-homesteading friends may not understand.

Vacations are few and far between.

And you usually don’t stay more than 2 days, nor do you go very far. With goats to be milked, chickens to be fed, duck pools to be rinsed and filled, rabbit water bottles to fill, eggs to collect, that’s a lot of responsibility to ask of another person. Of course, that’s also when our chickens escape, or the goats figure out how to open their pen and asking a neighbor to be responsible for putting them back isn’t always easy. It takes a special person to fill in for you, and since they are hard to find, vacations don’t always come.

Fresh eggs taste better than store bought.

Call it science, call it opinion, call it what you want. If you have never had the pleasure of getting your own eggs from your backyard, then you are missing out. The yolks are usually a darker orange, and they just taste better.

Chickens are people, too.

Truly. If you own chickens, most likely, they are your pets. And, more often than not, you become attached to the feathery creatures to the point of naming them, petting them, talking to them, and grieving them when they die. To me, a chicken is just like a dog. Only noisier. And more cranky. But, I love my girls, each and every one.

Store bought tomatoes aren’t worth it to you.

And I think that nearly everyone can agree that there is nothing like a fresh, homegrown tomato that you pick right off the vine. And, once you get used to that burst of flavor, the bland, mealy ones at the store just don’t cut it for you. So, you will do without rather than use them.

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