What Is a Fodder System? Guest Post By Heather of The Homesteading Hippy

January 15, 2016

                      fodder system

What is a fodder system?

Basically, it’s allowing grains to sprout and grow into their respective grasses for feed supplementation for poultry.
My friend Susie grows fodder for her chickens and ducks. It’s a great supplement for them, and has really reduced the amount of feed they need. Fodder is basically sprouted grains that are allowed to grow into grass for the poultry to eat. They then get greens with chlorophyll, as well as the proteins from the grains and the sprouts.

What Susie did to grow her barley and corn fodder was to grab some aluminum roasting pans from the store. They are the cheaper disposable kind that usually run about $2 each. And, they are placed on the racks in her greenhouse, which you can get here from my affiliate partner.

The grains were soaked overnight in water to cover by an inch with a capful of bleach to help retard mold. The next day, they are rinsed off well, and the put into the pans. These pans were on a greenhouse shelf, and she simply sprayed the grains with a water bottle daily, and covered them again.

After two days, they began to sprout like crazy!

new sprouts

Here they are around day 4.

day 4 fodder

Continue here to see the finished product!  We look forward to hearing what Heather of The Homesteading Hippy has to share with all of us. Heather is a Homesteading enthusiast and you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter,  and Pinterest to stay in the loop of Heather’s Homestead!

Were you familiar with a Fodder System or is this something new to you? Heather is always working on new thing around her homestead and we enjoy sharing her knowledge and expertise with all of you.

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