Why County Fairs Matter

January 15, 2016

County fairs are alive and stronger than ever in the year 2013. Sure, people have more choices of what to do with their money than ever before, but the county fairs are winning out. County fairs are all about connecting people. Connecting people in urban and agriculture areas. County fairs are the heart and soul of counties all across the United States.

Senior Champion

Families are investing time and money in their youth. Just think of all the skills that showing a chicken at a County fair includes. When showing chickens, youth learn the following:

  • How to be patient
  • How to identify breeds of chickens
  • Learn to identify parts of the birds
  • Learn parts and functions of an egg
  • How to select and handle poultry
  • How to prepare poultry for show
  • How to show poultry

Raising chickens is a family affair. Youth are taught a lot of responsiblity when it comes to raising chickens. They have to feed them, water them, and make sure their coop is clean! Yep, that can be a messy job, but an important one! Chickens need to have clean coops, in order to thrive.

And when show time comes around, you can often find youth soaking their chickens in a pail or two. It’s always interesting walking through a poultry barn on show day, as each youth tends to have their way of prepping their chicks!

Showing chickens is just one way youth are involved in county fairs. They are also refinishing wood projects, sewing, cooking, baking, building book cases, refurbishing tractors, and the list goes on and on!

Hoover’s Hatchery partnered with the North Iowa Event Center with a display of chicks hatching in the Little Farmer’s Area, while the North Iowa Fair was going on.

chicks hatching

Families had a blast while visitng this exciting area. This is a great example of how easy it is for everyone to learn about agriculture. An area like this, at a county fair, opens the doorway for discussions on where food comes from and how it is produced and harvested. Lots of families having fun while attending a County fair- you gotta love that!

Little Farmers Area

County fairs are alive! We would love to hear about your county fair. Leave us a message here or connect with us and thousands of others on Facebook.

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