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How to Blow Out Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Trees were a big deal when I was kid in Germany. All the German families I knew loved heading outside to find the perfect branches for their trees, and then they spent hours blowing out eggs, decorating the…

Raising Winter Chicks Part 2

In the last post on raising winter chicks, we talked about the benefits of starting chicks in the winter. This post will touch on a few of the concerns people sometimes have about winter chicks: heating requirements, when you can…

Preventing Frostbite in Poultry

Frostbite in poultry is a real concern during the winter. Chickens, like people, are susceptible to frostbite. When the temperatures plummet and the windchills pick up, we need to consider the chickens. Making a few small changes can help them…

Raising Chicks in the Winter Part 1

Most people think of spring as the ideal time to raise chicks, but chicks are available all year from Hoover’s Hatchery. There are some good reasons you might want raise chicks in the winter and this post is the first…

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