Rooster or No Rooster?

My grandfather used to swear everyone who had chickens, needed a rooster. He would say things like, “a rooster keeps all the hens in line,” or “the hens need a protector.” Today we know that although those statements are partially true, roosters…

We Have a Surprise for You!

The girls and I have very exciting news to share with our faithful friends and followers and we wanted you to hear it here first! No, I didn’t get new chicks to add to my flock. YET! (winks) You all…

EGG-cellent Ideas For Hands-On Learning Activities

By: Shannon Latham, Enchanted Acres Spring in Iowa is synonymous with chicks, bunnies, lambs, baby goats, daffodils and tulips. This year it also brought an early spring dusting of snow at Enchanted Acres. A set of twin kids was born right…

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