Egg Laying


Do you need more than one chicken?

Raising chickens is a rewarding and exciting experience.  It’s easy to think of chickens as pets, especially if you interact with them frequently.  Chickens are social creatures and can form a real relationship with you.  It’s not uncommon for chickens…

Farm Eggs vs. Store Bought Eggs

            Raising chickens in your backyard looks totally different than raising commercial laying chickens.  The difference in the chicken’s environment and lifestyle makes a huge difference in the nutritional value, taste and color of their eggs.  Nutritional Differences             Backyard…

Adding Supplemental Lighting

Adding Supplemental Lighting             Your coop is full, yet your egg basket is empty or nearly empty again.  This is a common problem seen in the winter when egg production can slow down drastically or stop completely.  One of the…

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