Egg Layers-10 Week Update

October 2, 2020

Our assortment of colored laying pullets from Hoover’s have now reached 10 weeks old! They continue to grow and get more and more stunning! It is hard to pick a favorite!

They still reside in our movable chicken tractor, but they are allowed total free-ranging during the day. Although they look like adults, they are still small, therefore would make easy prey for hawks. Luckily, we have a big muscadine vine near the tractor. They spend 90% of their time hiding and exploring under the vine jungle. I feel the current success of their survival has to do with the cover the vines give. Summer in Alabama is hot and humid, but they are living their best life enjoying all the lush greens and fat bugs this season has to offer!

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    1. Hello I have a question about the breed of hen shown in the pictures, white with brown chest and neck. I had gotten a rare breed mix this spring and can not figure out what she is ?

      1. Hi!
        I THINK the hen you’re referring to is going to be a Praire Bluebell Egger. From what I understand, they can range in color, but the 3 I suspect of being PBE are this white and red color and one is all the way red. (I received all the chicks sorta mixed together). The PBE chickens are crossed with Leghorns, so may be small, flighty, and have some big upright tails. Can’t wait to see them lay!

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