July Photo Contest Winners!

August 3, 2017

This year, we had so many entries for our July photo contest that we couldn’t pick just the top three. So we made categories and picked the top photo in each category. The categories are: Adult Birds, Chicks, and Kids & People. There were so many good entries, that we have listed honorable mentions below each winner in each category.  The winner of the Adult Chicken category will win the egg apron from Fluffy Layers. The best baby chick photo will receive the chicken swing, and the best photo of the kids & people category will receive a Hoover’s t-shirt WITH at $20 gift card to use on your next purchase. We thought all the entries were just amazing this summer, and we thank you for taking the time to enter them. Enjoy!

Adult Chicken Winner!

Submitted By: Audrey

Adult Chicken -Honorable Mentions

Submitted By: Audrey
Submitted By: Victoria
Submitted By: Justine
Submitted By: Tonya  -We thought “Photo Bomb” would be a good name for this picture!
Submitted By: Jeff
Submitted by: Tanya

Baby Chick Winner!

Submitted By: Nichole

Baby Chick Honorable Mentions

Submitted By: Sharilynn
Submitted By: Allison
Submitted By: Talon

Kids & People Winner!

Submitted By: Mandy & Jaci

Kids & People Honorable Mentions

Submitted By: Jennifer
Submitted By: Tracy
Submitted By: Debbie
Submitted By: Donna
Submitted By: Jason
Submitted By: Jesse
Submitted By: Rebecca
Sumitted By: Dusty
Submitted By: Katie
Submitted By: Sammi

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