Summer Photo Contest Winners Announced!

August 2, 2019

In July, we hosted a Summer Photo Contest for our customers and they never disappoint! We had so many great submissions it was hard to pick winners. We had a few different categories so that we could select multiple winners, plus we needed to refresh some of our images in our catalog! Our winners won a $10 gift card and a Hoover’s tee. We can’t wait to use these in our print materials next year! Below are the categories and the winners, congratulations to these individuals!

Any Breed Winner – The Vales

Speckled Sussex

Amberlink – Diane

Black Sex Link – Tuesday Melton

Cal White- Margaret Grasso

Cinnamon Queen- Jason Tiffee

Golden Comet – Shana Therrien

This is a lighter Golden Comet, due to it being a sex-link colors may vary.

ISA Brown – Erin, Yellow Brick Hobby Farm

Midnight Majesty Marans Winner – Chris Mathes

Olive Egger- Angela Greenroy

Prairie Bluebell Egger- Shelley Flack

Colors may vary with this breed.

Production Red – Ashley Thomas

Sapphire Olive Egger- Kellen Falkenstine

Gray coloring may vary on the plumage of Sapphire Olive Eggers.

Starlight Green Egger- Bray Family

Coloring may vary on the plumage of the Starlight Green Egger, most are lighter in coloring.

If you’re looking for more great customer snapshots take a look at our winners from two years ago! 2018 July Photo Contest Winners.

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