Meet Jan of Slow Money Farm

September 9, 2013

Here’s Jan’s farm story!

SlowMoneyFarm consists of me, Jan Hoadley, my Godson Connor and partner, Paul. A non-traditional family making things happen in non traditional ways with traditional agriculture choices.

With a background in agriculture and many years working with horses, life has had some interesting highway and sideroads. I’m from Illinois, and grew up in the heart of farm country. SlowMoneyFarm was started where we are with what we have- a small spot of property to leverage into land in Kentucky.

A long time interest in rare breeds meant that was a natural place to look when starting with poultry and rabbits- lower cost options that take less room than large stock.  We’ve worked on expanding and building up starter flocks of several breeds as well as rabbits. Through the journey, I’ve blogged, tweeted and Facebooked.

Chickens From SlowMoneyFarm

Giant Chinchilla rabbits are a center ponit, as well as some Champagne D’Argents, a Silver Fox and some crossbred  rabbits. We also have a small flock of Midget White turkeys, as well as several chicken breeds- Rhode Island Red, Delaware, Buckeye, Dominique and Australorp. A variety of others- from Sussex to Anconas to Easter eggers- share space here too.

With farm share programs, the rare breeds as well as heirloom peppers, tomatoes, herbs and other plants, provide food for us and others. As we build this, we’re looking to share our unusual breeds with the public not ust from a distance but, in creating a demand for them, as close as their dinner table.

I-Jan- became involved with the AgChat Foundation which hosts a weekly chat and strives to empower farmers to use Social Media to tell people what they do. Clear communications helps those in agriculture as well as those that “just eat”- which is a large portion of the population! We are a little outside the box in approach, and carving out our own niche.

Once we get our land in Kentucky, near our processors, we’ll be delivering to farm share customers in Nashville, Louisville, St. Louis and perhaps beyond. Some interest in Illinois and Atlanta., Georgia has put that as possible delivery points, with enough interest.

Combining tradition with technology suits us- a modern way of raising, supporting and creating deman for the breeds we love. I would hate for the only Dominique or Rhode Island White someone sees to be a picture in a book.

We’re seeking to make a new reality!

Connect with SlowMoneyFarm on Facebook and Twitter!  We look forward to Jan’s blog posts here on What’s Hatching!

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