Taming Chickens

Have you ever stood in your yard and called your chickens? Have they ever come running like a herd of wildebeest across the plain? Have you ever possessed the sense you may be the most powerful human being on planet…

How Daylight Affects Egg-Laying

Chickens are farm superstars.  They produce eggs almost daily.  Some chickens have even been known to lay multiple eggs per day.  They don’t require much food in order to produce those eggs, either.  One thing that many chicken owners quickly…

Learning from Chickens

With coronavirus closing schools, millions of parents have unexpectedly become home school teachers. They are learning how valuable trained professional teachers are as they attempt to help their kids expand their math, reading, and problem-solving abilities. It’s a great time…

Chickens and Their Personalities

Most chick catalogs and websites reveal general characteristics of chicken breeds.  For example, Leghorns and most other white egg breeds are described as being flighty and noisy.  In contrast most heavy breeds, like Australorps and Wyandottes, are claimed to be…

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