Five Common Mistakes First Time Chicken Keepers Make: Guest Post by Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily

January 15, 2016

The journey from picking up your day-old chicks at the feed store or post office until you collect your first egg can be filled with joy and wonderment…or fraught with anguish. Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily offers tips so you don’t make some common mistakes when it comes to raising chickens.

Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily

Over the years, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a pattern to the common mistakes that first-time chicken keepers make. I wanted to share them with you to help you avoid some oft-repeated missteps- and help you prevent heartache of your own.

I have gotten literally hundreds of emai from readers letting me revel in their joy by sharing photos and relating stories of how much their family is enjoying their new-found passion, but I also get those messages I dread, the please for help or cries of heartache after readers have lost chicks or laying hens to predators or even a massacre by the family dog.

So, here we go with the Five Most Common Mistakes First-Time Chicken Keepers Make:

1. Underestimating Predators
Hawks, eagles, raccoons, foxes and everything in between, including your neighbor’s dog and maybe even your own family dog is going to try and kill your chickens… and will succeed in doing so unless you lock them up securely in a coop at night and either keep them in a covered, enclosed pen by day or do some serious research into LGDs (liestock guard dogs) or other methods of safely free ranging them. Trust us on this.

Handy Predator Guide and Tips on Keeping your Flock Safe 

2. Not Assembling a First Aid Kit in Advance
When something bad does happen, whether its an illness or injury, too many times a chicken keeper doesn’t have any medical supplies on hand. And since we all know that accidents always happen on the Sunday of a holiday weekend or during a blizzard when everything is closed, it’s a really good idea to assemble a first aid kit NOW…. before you need it. Hopefully you will never need it, but at least   Continue here……….. 

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