Mother’s Day 2013 for Moms That Love Chickens

January 5, 2013

Moms that love chickens are easy going and really appreciate anything with a little thought. The key word here is little! One of the easiest things you can give Mom this Mother’s Day is your time. Make your Mom a nice card and let her know that you will do her chicken chores for one week. One whole week will make your Mom smile, and guess what? She may even miss her chicks a little bit during that time.

Red Rangers (Red Broilers)

Maybe your Mom has talked about getting some chickens, yet hasn’t taken the time to dive into ordering them. Here ya go! Order Mom some fantastic Red Ranger Chickens today!

The Red Rangers are some of the tastiest chicken meat you will find. Mom’s meals will literally make your mouth water, after you have Red Rangers. Need a chicken recipe or two~ Check these out!

If your Mom enjoys cooking chickens she will need a nice apron~ How’s this for a nice selection of aprons? We’ve got Mom taken care of.

And of course, if you have egg layers around- you might want to offer to gather eggs for a week or so- Mom would like that, wouldn’t she? How about a nice egg basket~ We’ve got you covered!

Maybe your Mom’s baby chick equipment is just a little run down~  A new starter kit would make Mom’s Mother’s Day a little special for her and her chicks!  While you are at it, order Mom a few chicks.

What’s the most memorable gift you have given your chicken loving Mom for Mother’s Day? We’d love to hear about them!

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