Guide To Buying Meat Chickens

January 15, 2016

The Easy Homestead is sharing all about what you need to know when it comes to buying meat birds from Hoover’s Hatchery. If you would like to keep up with the day to day happenings around her homestead, connect through Facebook, Google+, and  Pinterest, We look forward to learning more of her homestead and her experience raising our chickens!

Oh. My. Word. I wish you were here for dinner last week…

Buying Meat Chickens

Why? I’m glad you asked. We had the most delicious chicken that we have ever eaten. Where did it come from? Well- I’m glad you asked that too.

It came from our backyard. Yep. From our hard work. Family work. Homesteading efforts. And boy, were we rewarded. Let me just say that this was the third time that we have tried meat chickens and the first two “batches” were barely edible. Yep. We failed- two times before succeeding. But, that’s all for another post.

When we first wanted to get into raising meat chickens for our family we were super confused when looking up the various options for buying meat chickens. However, you are in luck! Since we are total chicken experts now (hey- successful batch baby!), I will share all of our buying meat chickens secrets! Booya.

Your Guide to Buying Meat Chickens

You first need to buy them from a hatchery. We have bought from three different hatcheries in the past. The delicious chickens we just butchered came from Hoover’s Hatchery. This is by far the best hatchery that we have worked with/bought from. You can ‘bet your bottom dollar’ that when we start raising meat chickens for-profit on our new homestead (read about it here) that this is where we will buy them from. Hoover’s Hatchery is also family owned and operated and has been for over 70 years! You can read their story HERE.  Anything that is family owned and operated makes my skirt fly up, baby! Oh- they seriously have the best customer service too- like ever. And I’m a sucker for good communication between the supplier and consumer. Continue here……..

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